AA Breakdown Service, UK

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AA Breakdown Cover, UK

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AA Breakdown Service, UK:

When you purchase breakdown cover from the AA - the UK Automobile Association, you're putting your faith in the most trusted name in UK motoring. However, when you purchase your AA breakdown cover from the AA UK website, you can also enjoy special discounts and savings, with recent offers including breakdown cover from 29, breakdown cover discounts of up to 34% off, and regular deals where you can easily save 25% off your AA breakdown insurance. At the AA online store you can also take advantage of free car insurance quotes, house insurance quotes, and many other AA insurance products.

Here are just a few reasons to choose AA breakdown cover, as opposed to RAC breakdown cover:

* As the UK's largest breakdown organisation, AA fix more breakdowns by the roadside than anyone else. * On average AA arrive in around 40 minutes of your call. * No charge for labour at the roadside, no matter how long it takes. * No one has as many dedicated patrols in the UK than AA.

As the UK's number 1 in roadside assistance and recovery, AA handle one breakdown call every 9 seconds. So, that means AA helped around 3.5 million people who have broken down in the past year. Additionally, of the AA members who have called AA out, 98% would recommend AA to friends and family.

Car breakdown cover main benefits

If your car breaks down, here's what you can expect from the AA:

* 24/7 roadside assistance * Priority service if you're in a vulnerable situation * AA aim to arrive within 40 minutes * Speedy roadside repairs: on average AA will fix your car in less than 30 minutes * AA's number 1 aim is to repair your car at the roadside, rather than tow you to a garage * You won't have to pay extra for labour at the roadside

Plus you will get a fantastic range of benefits, which could help to save you the same as, or even more than, the cost of your annual AA membership.

However, not everyone needs the same type of breakdown cover, and AA offer a selection of breakdown plans to suit all drivers, which are outlined below.

AA Breakdown - AA Roadside Plan Help when you have broken down more than mile from your home. If your car can't be fixed by the roadside, AA take you and your car to the nearest garage or an alternative local destination, provided this is no further.

AA Breakdown - AA Relay Plan If, following a breakdown at the roadside, AA can't arrange a prompt repair, AA transport you, your car and up to seven passengers home, or to any mainland UK destination of your choice.

AA Breakdown - AA Home Start Help when you have broken down at home or within mile of it. If AA can't arrange a prompt repair, AA take you and your car to the nearest garage or another local destination, provided this is no further.

AA Breakdown - AA Stay Mobile If you've broken down and AA can't arrange a prompt local repair, Stay Mobile provides alternative travel options. Choose from a replacement car for up to 72 hours, public transport costs or overnight accommodation.

AA Breakdown Repair Cover AA Breakdown Repair Cover helps cover costs for replacement parts and garage labour up to 500 (including VAT; less 25 excess) following a breakdown attended by the AA. Garage labour alone can cost over 80 per hour. A whole year's cover costs just 67 or 85 depending on the age or mileage of your vehicle, and you can claim up to five times during that period. It can be added to your membership once you've chosen your breakdown cover options above.

So, there are more than a few good reasons to choose AA Breakdown membership, but the special offers, such as 25% off, and AA breakdown cover from 29, don't last forever, so we recommend that you join sooner rather than later. Also, remember, you don't need to be a new member to take advantage of these special AA offers, they are almost always available for existing members too, when you sign up online.

Sign-up for AA UK Breakdown Service, or renew your existing membership:

AA Breakdown Service, UK

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